Fred Oldfield had a passion and appreciation
for life that is reflected in his work.


Fred Oldfield had a passion and appreciation for life that is reflected in his work. His colors are bold and powerful like the beauty he saw in his surroundings.Fred was born in Alfalfa, Washington in 1918 and grew up on the Yakima Indian Reservation near Toppenish. He never knew a permanent home during his early years and held many jobs as he was growing up.

Most often, he worked as a cowhand. He remembers nights on the prairie so cold that he would literally set tumbleweeds on fire, to lie down in the warm spot they made as they burned. “You could sleep for about two hours before the cold woke you up” he’d recall. His collectors are drawn to these stories and early experiences that he tells with his brush and canvas.
Buyers loved the landscapes of Mt. Rainier, but it was his evocative western paintings that became his trademark. He was painting the crusty, rough and ready cowhand that he’d known all his life and buyers were beginning to recognize the name “Fred Oldfield”.

Joella Oldfield


Fred Oldfield was born in 1918, in eastern Washington, on the Yakama Indian Reservation in the tiny town of Alfalfa. An “Unconventional Man” has been a phrase to

 describe Fred and rightfully so—he spent his life doing what he loved most—painting and fishing—and yarning with friends. He was also a ranch hand, cowboy, soldier, father and grandfather all the while creating a legacy of artwork. His words in this book are from diaries and sketchbooks, in his own hand, written from the years he was first starting out through most of the years of his life. These materials were found almost miraculously by Joella, in a room full of what is technically called junk. They were going to be thrown aw

ay.  But thank heavens they were rescued—and that’s how Fred Oldfield came to be the co-author of this book.


Joella Oldfield has many credits to her favor, but her main asset is her ability to successfully work with hundreds of artists over her 40+ year career coordinating art shows. She has the gift of enjoying their unique personalities as well as their talents. Another of Joella’s talents is to take an idea from the dream stage to fruition. Case in point is the Fred Oldfield Western Heritage and Art Center.  The Center has become a community institution offering art classes for young and old, hosting multiple cultural events and welcoming 1000’s of visitors through its doors each year. It is located in Puyallup, WA. on one of the 10 largest State Fairgrounds in the United States.  Joella was fortunate enough to have a close loving relationship with her Father, Fred Oldfield. She inherited Fred’s love of her fellow man but not his outstanding artistic ability. She prefers to create her masterpieces through parties and events, especially for a good cause. Fred and Joella were also business partners and saw each other daily. There is no one better to tell Fred’s story.